Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series is a non-profit production to bring the story of one of the world's most beloved videogames to life through live-action. Series 1 will be 7 20-minute episodes that covers the tale from its opening in Midgar to the after the retelling of the events at Nibelheim.















To date, we have recruited an international team of dozens of individuals spread over four continents. These people come from different backgrounds and have varying degrees of experience in their respective industries, but the majority are huge fans of Final Fantasy VII and have been pooling their considerable talent to get some amazing results. Our staff includes visual effects designers who have worked on Hollywood films, award-winning musicians who have performed for the President of the United States, storyboard artists who have worked with videogame developers such as Electronic Arts, award-winning businessmen and entrepreneurs, screenplay writers recognised in the FFVII community as two of its best and highest-esteemed fan-fiction authors, hugely-experienced project managers from companies around the globe, the director of the world's most-influential FFVII website, award-winning concept artists and designers who continue to work closely with some of the biggest companies in the videogame industry, composers who have created or contributed to numerous popular fan-made Final Fantasy remix albums, and many more.


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In July 2013, a young Italian director by the name of Gionata Medeot; tired of waiting for Final Fantasy VII remakes and decent reimagining of the tale, decided to team up with Mattia Ferraro, and bring together some of his friends and fellow FFVII enthusiasts to discuss the possibility of making a movie adaptation of the best-selling videogame. The desire was to create a huge production, not to follow in the style of a typical ‘Fan Movie’. After searching long and hard for a few months, Gio had found himself a small church, a few cosplay actors, and a team of highly-skilled movie-makers. This was the result:















The teaser was made with a team of consisting of under 20 people and cost $1,200 for just 2 minutes of footage; Incredible footage, that inspired. The idea of a movie was replaced by a 5-episode web series distributed online, so that some of the more beautiful, unspoken stories could be explored, in unprecedented depth & detail.


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